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After the success of kid brother Travel Channel with Food Wars it only makes since that big brother Food Network would do their take on it.  After all they are both owned by Scripps (the people behind the national spelling bee).   Food Feuds is the same basic show – the host visits the country and issues a winner take all taste-off on the city’s signature dish by the two restaurants that do it the best.  Pat’s vs Jeno’s Steaks in Philly is the best example.

Camille Ford on

Michael Symon on

The main difference between the two shows is that Feuds host, Michael Symon is a world renowned chef of impeccable pedigree.  Wars, however, is hosted by the incredibly delicious Camille Ford.  If it’s about actually eating then you gotta go with the Iron Chef, but if it’s about gawking at the picture radio for half an hour I’ll take the hot chick.

Anyway, here’s what the Network said about the pilot episode, Feuds on a Roll, of Food Feuds:

Iron Chef Michael Symon is out to settle some of the most famous food rivalries across the country. On this episode, he tackles two famous feuds found on a roll. First, he visits Chicago and dives head first into the legendary Italian Beef sandwich rivalry. Then later, Michael visits Detroit and winds up right in the middle of a heated 93-year-old battle over the beloved Detroit Coney Dog.

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