The Myth of the ‘Ethical’ Diet

I have all the respect in the world for vegetarians. I fully support their diet and at every kitchen I run I try to offer something more than just salad and Portobello burgers for vegetarians. Their diet is healthy and as long as they don’t try to convert me we’re good.

Vegans are a different story. I do not support a vegan diet. Why? Two reasons:

1. The whole ‘ethical’ farce. There is nothing ethical about being a vegan. Animals were put here for four reasons: food, tools (riding, plowing, etc.), clothing and pets. I abhor people who abuse animals. Kick a dog in front of me and you are libel to wake up in a body cast.  Now I do not know what basis vegans use for their ‘ethical’ claim but it certainly isn’t based on a Judeo-Christian belief system. Not religious? Cool then this part does not apply to you. If you are religious, then listen up: Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.” Once again, if you do not have a Judeo-Christian belief system skip on to #2. If you do, veganism is unethical because it defies God.

2. The whole ‘healthy’ farce.  Since vegans do not consume any animal products they are deprived of certain compounds that only occur in animal fats.  Nothing that grows on a vine, sprouts from a bush or hangs from a tree can replace these compounds. Most vegans I have known have terrible skin – it is dry and ashy. It is because they lack proper nutrition. Another common ailment is poor joints. Without at least a little animal in your diet your joints will degenerate years before they would naturally. You don’t have to eat a medium-rare steak to get what you need, just a glass of milk (no soy milk will not work) or some cheese on that next salad. So stop it with the whole healthy shtick, it just doesn’t wash.

For more on the health risks of veganism check out this experiment by independent health researcher Matt Stone.  For the experiment, Stone converted to the vegan lifestyle and documents the weight gain, poor skin and multiple other negative changes that assaulted his body.

“If you want to be a vegan for health, there is no data to support that. In fact, vegans have a life expectancy that is less than pescetarians (fish eaters) and omnivores.”  Dr. Terry Simpson – renowned bariatric surgeon.

Another good read is by food writer Tasha of the food blog,  She described herself as a, “hardcore, self-righteous and oh so judgmental vegangelical” for years until her doctor informed here that her many ailments were the result of eating a vegan diet.  She chronicles her return to an omnivore’s diet in her popular article Vegan No More.  Her revelation that veganism was hurting her health has actually earned her death threats from all of those “ethical” vegans.

I am not telling any vegans that they should change their lifestyle. That would be unethical. I fully support your right to eat whatever you want, or in this case whatever you do not want. It is after all what makes you happy and I am all for everyone being happy. What I am saying is stop the crusade, it has no scientific or spiritual basis; it is simply your choice. Quietly set your example and perhaps you can turn more people to your cause but the browbeating simply makes you an ass.

My fellow carnivores will enjoy this clip and you herbivores get to see things from our point of view. Best of all, everyone gets a good laugh.

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