Homaro Cantu and the Laptop Bandit

Homaro Cantu MotoHomaro Cantu is the chef/owner of Chicago’s famous molecular gastronomy restaurant Moto.  Cantu, who was the host of Future Food on Planet Green, defeated Iron Chef Morimoto in Kitchen Stadium.  The Le Cordon Bleu Portland grad was actually homeless from the age of six to the age of nine.

In addition to his prowess with a knife, Cantu is also incredibly tech savvy.  He is an inventor who’s patented creations appear in the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  Additionally he has been sought out by several Fortune 500 companies to assist in product R&D.

All of this is to establish that Homaro Cantu is someone you do not want to f@%k with.

For instance, about a month ago Cantu had his personal laptop swiped by some Chi-town thug.  That was a bad move.  Using state-of-the-art key logging and tracking software Cantu has been able to follow the aforementioned computer thief through cyberspace.

Though Cantu may be a genius the laptop bandit is not as he has been posting pictures of himself using the stolen computer.  And not just any pictures but photographic evidence of him committing other crimes.  I had published one of those pictures here but at the request of Chicago PD I have removed it.  As soon as they give me the all clear it’ll be back.

The punk also posted a picture of his own car in front of his own house.  In case you are unaware there is software readily available which can pretty much analyze a picture of any building in the US and tell you the address of it, not that it was needed.  Chef Homaro has been posting the pictures the wannabe gangsta has been taking on his own Facebook page so that fellow Chicagoans can help him track the perpetrator down.

Cantu has also published the record of web sites the guy has visited.  It appears he has a raging fascination (or possibly a crush) for rapper Jay Z.  He’s also a fan of “hot Latina booty.”

The chef has it within his power to alert the police at any time to end what many are calling “the laptop saga” but where’s the fun in that?  I mean, sure, that is the ultimate end game but can’t those of us civilized members of society share a laugh or two at the expense of someone who has proven they are considerably less evolved than the rest us?

Don’t miss out on all the fun.  Zip on over to Facebook and “like” Chef Homaro Cantu to watch the drama unfold live before your eyes.