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To help get folks fired up about the Dauphin Island Wings & Waves Cook-off Stuart dropped by Local 15 News at Noon to show Pat Greenwood how to make Bangkok Wings:

Stuart once again partied down with the gang at Studio 10:

Stuart was a guest on KABC Los Angeles’ Bikini Lifestyle Radio Show starring Susan Irby last winter to discuss the origins of Mardi Gras. A fun time was had by all.

Stuart dropped by the set of Studio 10 to show the gang his take on Strawberry Shortcake. Be sure to stick around until the 4:35 mark for a little television history.

Recently Stuart was profiled for Mutual of Omaha’s nationally syndicated series “Aha Moments.” Here is the final cut.

Once again Stuart joins Joe, Cherish and the gang at Studio 10. This time doing shrimp tacos.

Stuart was once again a guest on Studio 10 doing Cino de Mayo recipes.

Stuart was a guest on Local 15 News at Noon.

Stuart was in a pictorial in the Hollywood social tab Disarray Magazine for a piece highlighting the Tasty Awards.

Stuart Reb Donald with Susan Irby

Stuart’s writing was quoted in an article on Lance Armstrong’s about the health benefits of coconut oil:

Despite its origins, coconut oil doesn’t taste like coconuts, explains the website Wannabe TV Chef. The taste is rich and delicious, which means it may be a tasty, yet healthy, addition to your diet. However, Wannabe TV Chef points out there is no coconut flavor whatsoever, so even if you don’t like the taste of coconuts you may enjoy coconut oil. The lack of coconut flavor and rich, delicious taste make coconut oil an attractive option for cooking or garnishing.


Stuart was recently a guest on Fox 10’s new morning show Studio Ten. Take a gander:

Third Coast Cuisine in Zalea

Third Coast Cuisine was mentioned in a piece on gifts that give back in the November 2010 issue of ‘Zalea magazine. The article included information on where to buy the book and that a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the Gulf Restoration Network.

Stuart and were recently profiled by Virgil Huston of

Chef Donald is no newcomer to the food scene, but he still hasn’t achieved two of his goals: Being the star of his own cooking show and World Domination. We can leave world domination to Stewie Griffin, but Chef Donald may have a shot at the food star goal. He has written two cookbooks and is working on the third.


Stuart was quoted in an article on Matador Life about etiquette in cafes:

The term servers use for people who hang around after they finish their meal is “camper.” Campers are welcome but, as with KOA, if you are going to use the campground you need to pay rent. I cannot think of any hard rule on how much you should tip for “camping”, but what usually works out as fair for everyone is that you tip the standard 20% for the price of your meal plus $1 for each hour you camp. Additionally, I would say “absolutely not” to the question of bussing your own table.


Stuart was quoted in an article on talking about Father’s Day:

Brunch is a given on Mother’s Day, but a proper Father’s Day celebration calls for stronger stuff.

Instead of getting Dad an expensive bottle of liquor (a common enough gift) or taking him out for a pricey restaurant meal, meld the two ideas into a bargain solution by delving into your existing stash of alcohol and adding a splash to favorite recipes.


Stuart’s blog, Wannabe TV Chef, was mentioned in an article at

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — As the Gulf Coast struggles to recover from the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, Foodbuzz, the largest online food community, is calling on food bloggers across the country to cook up a Gulf Coast-inspired meal on July 24th — and blog about it — all in support of the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), which has been playing a key role in relief efforts in the wake of the tragic oil spill.


Stuart is the subject of an article by Lindsay Mott of MS Digital Daily. Here is an excerpt plus a link to the entire article:

    Third Coast Cuisine took five to six years from conception to print. In the book, Stuart Reb Donald offers more than 150 recipes, 11 essays and 70 color photos of the diverse foods to be found along the Third Coast: a popular nickname for the states along the Gulf of Mexico as well as parts of Mexico and Cuba, according to Donald.

“The Third Coast is an area of amazing diversity. From the Yucatan to the Keys you can find any number of indigenous and immigrant cooking styles like Mexican, Cajun, Native American and even Soul Food,” he said.

Donald grew up in Mobile, Ala., but attended the Perkinston campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College on a music scholarship. He lived in Stone County for a few years and spent that time making friends all along the Coast. Donald said that his time at Perk was when he experimented with new flavors and cuisines.

“Between band, choir and drama performances I got a chance to see the entire state,” he said. “I’m still inspired by the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have so many great memories of my time spent in the Magnolia State; it has always felt like a second home to me.”

Donald credited these explorations with a number of the book’s recipes including Mississippi Blue Barbecue Sauce and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

Donald has worked in the food industry for the last 24 years after working as a busboy at Shoney’s. Since then, he has worked at various places across the food spectrum.

“I’m not sure one ever decides to become a chef as much as they are born a chef. Then they spend a lifetime manifesting,” he said.


Stuart is quoted in an article by Dan Spaventa for

Stuart from Wannabe TV Chef shared his ways for using basil.

    I love using basil. I always insist on making pesto from scratch whenever taking over a new kitchen and from that also make pesto mayo. At home I grow my own basil for use in all kinds of things. I like to mix fresh basil into my scrambled eggs with goat cheese. I also love the herbaceous pop it gives Asian foods like spare ribs.

The Roman Panini (recipe) comes to us from Chef Stuart of Wannabe TV Chef. According to Chef Stuart, Tomatoes and basil are a classic pairing be it in classic recipes like Pizza Margarita and Ensalada Caprese or in this modern sandwich. Don’t be afraid to add a little crispy pancetta for an Italian spin on a BLT.


Stuart is quoted in an article by Aimee Hosler for

    “Alice Waters talked about sustainable foods in the early 1970s,” says Chef Stuart Donald of the Mars Hill Cafe in Mobile, AL. “Since then, it has gone from being a quirky sentiment to a full blown movement.”

What Is Green Cuisine Anyway? How chefs define sustainable cooking varies, but most emphasize producing healthy, natural foods, preferably from local growers who employ environmentally responsible agricultural techniques.

“To me, sustainability means not trying to outsmart Mother Nature,” says Donald. “Don’t mess with a plant’s genetic makeup. Don’t manipulate an animal’s life-cycle through diet or chemistry. Let nature take its course.” That usually means choosing organic food, non-genetically modified products, or fair trade goods whenever possible.


Article on Mars Hill Cafe by Mobile Press Register, Mobile, AL:

Mars Hill by David Holloway Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Five days a week the Mars Hill Café offers a full menu of tasty homemade sandwiches and fresh salads. Three times each Sunday it serves up a dose of the Gospel.But at the eatery in the Cottage Village Shopping Center, the good food stays separate from the Good News.

In other words, you won’t get a homily with your hoagie.

“Nope, no preaching,” said Joe Langley, the new, 29-year-old general manager of Mars Hill Café, 5025 Cottage Hill Road. “We’re very laid-back, and the only thing we’ll offer is the gospel of the quesadilla.”


Stuart joins WKRG for some Alabama Steak Sandwiches.

Stuart on WKRG Channel 5 in Mobile, AL:

WKRG Channel 5 story on Mars Hill Cafe in Mobile, AL:

Article on Stu from A Natural Deficiency Of Moral Fiber:

Written by award winning blogger LeBlanc, Nashville, TN, January 03, 2009.

A Selection From My Blogroll 3

    Some of you may know that I have buddies of mine that are executive chefs, published authors, television personalities, accomplished musicians and media moguls. Actually, one particular friend fits all of these monikers and more. Stuart Reb Donald is one of the nice guys; someone that I met well over a decade ago and am proud to call my friend.

When I met Stu he was an excellent multi-instrumentalist struggling to make it in Music City. While working multiple places, practicing his music, attending a major local university he also practiced another love, cooking. I was the beneficiary on more than one occasion the culinary arts practiced by Stu.

Review of Mars Hill Cafe from American Airlines Restaurant Guide:

    Mars Hill Cafe has flourished under celebrity chef Stuart Reb Donald’s innovative new menu. The food is fresher, faster, and tastier than ever before as is evidenced by the bustling dining room. They donate all profits to charity.

Story on Mars Hill Cafe from WHBR TV 33:


Stuart is quoted in an article about how social media has changed the food world from Creative Loafing, an online news source from Sarasota, FL.


Stuart is quoted in an article about tipping on “to go” orders on the web site Palo Alto Online.


Click HERE to read the press releases for Amigeauxs Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine and Third Coast Cuisine – Recipes of the Gulf of Mexico.

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