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The latest season of Food Network Star is underway and the latest round of wannabe TV chefs have begun their quest. We’ve seen first impressions and heard what the judges think but what the world really wants to know is what I think. Let’s do this.

If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode STOP! Watch it HERE first and then come back. It’s a frickin recap, yo!

Pitch Perfect: The four finalists get their chance to pitch a show to Food Network. Executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson are back to choose the final three: Based on the finalists’ presentations, Bob and Susie will greenlight three concepts, which will be made into pilots directed by season two Food Network Star winner Guy Fieri.

Last week’s aw the ouster of the only real competition Stacey had.  But you can’t blame the judges, she had a terrible week.  Still, I’d watch a show hosted by Nikki.  Stacey is the clear winner of the contest.  The only that could keep her from bring the next Food Network Star is if this is yet another rigged season.

Now for my take on each:

AXON Daniela Perez Reyes s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 1.
AXON Andres Guillama s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 2.
AXON Danushka Lysek Horizon s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 3.
AXON Connie Lovely Jackson Horizon s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 4 and again in week 8.
AXON Viet Pham s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 5.
AXON Chris Hodgson s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 6.
AXON Nikki Dinki s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 9.
AXON Damaris Phillips Horizon s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Damaris’ first idea was a modern South approach.  The mentors didn’t care for it.  Her second idea was the old “how to cook to land a mate” vehicle.  The network’s done it before.  The mentors convince her to spin it into “how to cook to land a mate” with my grandma’s recipes.  I liked the first one much better.  Her pitch was great.
AXON Rodney Henry s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Rodney’s first idea was not bad.  His second idea was terrible.  The mentors helped take the first idea and make it great.  His pitch was a little schizophrenic but for the most part it was concise and charming.
AXON Russell Jackson Horizon s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Russell’s first idea was not very good.  The second idea was not much good either.  After talking to the mentors he formed a new idea that wasn’t much better.  His pitch was quite good; better than the concept itself.
AXON Stacey Poon Kinney s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Both of Stacey’s ideas were solid but the mentors helped form to good ideas into one great idea.  Her pitch was exactly what Bob and Susie always look for but for someone reason this time they didn’t care for it much.  I smell a rat.
AXON Chad Rosenthal s4x3 lead Food Network Star S9 E8
Eliminated week 7.

The person who will NOT be the next Food Network Star is…
StarBanner Food Network Star S9 E8

I give up.

Food Network Star Season 8 Finale Recap

fns8cast 300x199 Food Network Star Season 8 EP1 Recap

Well, I’m still a little flabbergasted with last week’s results.  Michele had easily the worst performance of the night yet she gets a pilot.  However, since Martie and Justin had the best performances they let them both stay.  Kudos Food Network, that’s the first time you’ve done a mid-show rules change with a positive result.  Yvan has really proven he belongs as well.  All things being equal Justin is the best pick for the next Food Network Star but as I have stated before, I don’t trust this show.

As usual with the finale I will give my assessment of each remaining candidate and what I see in their future.  I will also try to predict the future of a few of the other contestants.  Let’s get started shall we?

Michele Ragussis – The best way to describe Michele’s performance is underwhelming.  I have never seen what the judges have loved so much.  I can only assume that it is because of editing.  But I can only base my predictions on what I have seen and what I saw was someone who showed no growth from beginning to end.  Should Michele win I see her show following the same path as Aaron McCargo Jr’s show.   For those of you that don’t know Aaron’s show was canceled last year but people are only now starting to notice it isn’t on.  I don’t think she wins but we will occasionally see her from time to time and I would love to cook with her someday.

Yvan Lemoine –He has really grown since the show started.  His charm and camera presence have been present since the beginning but it took him a few weeks to put the whole package together.  Yvan would be a wonderful host and his show could be a hit for Food Network but I see him on Cooking Channel instead.  I’d watch the crap out of Yvan’s show.

Martie Duncan –I’ve never met Martie personally but she is the friend of a friend.  She’s also from my home state of Alabama so it stands to reason that I love Martie.  As a Southerner I have always hated the portrayal of us in the national media but there was a time when food TV got it right.  Justine Wilson was amazing, Emeril brought our culture to life and lest we forget that Alton Brown is a good ole Georgia boy.  The best cooks in America are now and have always been from the South.  Win or lose I see Martie with a show on Food Network.  She’s earned it.

Justin Warner – this has been his contest since about week two.  In all reality if Justin doesn’t win this show needs to stop billing itself as a competition.  He has been the class of the cast all season long.  His fresh and brainy approach make his POV perfect to fill the void left by Good Eats retirement.  Keep in mind that GE didn’t go off the air because people weren’t watching it anymore but because Alton decided it was time for something new.  Justin Warner is new, like nothing we’ve ever seen on Food Network before.  He should win but if he doesn’t he’ll still get a show and it’s ratings will destroy the show of whoever does win.

Of the others:

Emily Ellyn – Eliminated in week 7 in what was easily the sleaziest episode of the season.  She is a fan favorite and I see her with a show if not on Food Network/Cooking Channel (they’d be foolish to let her get away) then on another major cable network.  Her POV, style and food are too good to not have a national audience.  Plus she’s just so damned good looking.  I think Emily and Nadia G would make a great one-two punch.

Judson Allen – Eliminated in week 5 in what was the second sleaziest episode of the season Judson is not only likable he just may be what the black community needs to form a unified front against obesity and the diabetes it leads to.  As much as Judson would love to be on Food Network/Cooking Channel I believe his place might be on BET.  It was originally started as a network to break the stereotypes of black culture but these days it is one of the worst perpetuaters of them.  Judson has the potential to have the most important show to come from this contest.  After watching Susie gushing over his new heath & wellness POV I would not be surprised to see him on Cooking Channel.

Nikki Martin – Eliminated in week 11 Nikki showed a lot of personal growth and tenacity.  Here elimination last week was questionable since she clearly had a better performance than her teammate Michele.  As much as I would love to see Nikki on a major cable network I’m just not sure if it will happen.  She’s good enough but they can only take so many people from one cast.  Still, we have not seen the last of her.  She would totally rock on this new Chopped: Grillmasters special.

As I have stated before this is easily the most talented cast they’ve ever had.  Every single contestant this year was good enough to have a nationally televised TV show.  Most of them, should they chose to do so, will have ample opportunities within their own communities.  I look forward to what the future holds for all of them.  I have made some terrific friends in this year’s cast and I want the best for each and everyone of them.

The next Food Network Star is. . .

Food Network Star: The Wannabe TV Chef Interviews


Food Network Star Pilot: Yvan Lemoine

To vote for Yvan go HERE.

Food Network Star Pilot: Michele Ragussis

To vote for Michele go HERE.

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