2009 Heats Up the Ultimate Recipe Showdown

Originally posted December 8, 2008.

Guy Fieri returns as host of Ultimate Recipe Showdown as a new batch of home cooks step up and put their prized personal recipes to the “ultimate” test, premiering Sunday, January 4th at 9pm ET/PT.

With more than 12,000 recipes submitted from home cooks across America, Ultimate Recipe Showdown returns for another season of delicious competition as the top 24 contestants battle head-to-head for national glory. Hosted by Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives; Guy’s Big Bite), the series features six categories: Comfort Food, Burgers, Cakes, Hot and Spicy, Desserts, or Hometown Favorites. Each week, the judges crown an “ultimate” winner who receives $25,000 and the chance to have his or her recipe featured nationwide at T.G.I. Friday’s® restaurants.

Inside Look: Ultimate Recipe Showdown

Originally posted May 30, 2009.

We have all watched the many cooking contests scattered across the dial and thought, “I could do that.” And many more have wondered what it is like to go through some of those intense competitions like say, Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Well Fed blogger Jenny Flake has done just that. Flake is no stranger to big time cooking contests.  She has competed in Build-A-Better-Burger, the esteemed Pillsbury Bake-off and has even appeared on Food Network six times in the last five years.  Flake is so comfortable in the spot light that noted Pheonix-area food writer Jess Harter has suggested she get her own show.

On February 8th Food Network aired the dessert competition of season 2 of Ultimate Recipe Showdown hosted by Guy Fieri and Jenny was there to dazzle the judges with her Roasted Banana Bread Drop Doughnuts. So what was the experience like?  Glad you asked:

Edible TV: You are a veteran cooking contest competitor, how was Ultimate Recipe Showdown different?

Jenny Flake: The Ultimate Recipe Showdown was different because we got to compete right in the Food Network Studios.  They actually made us a set right in the Iron Chef Arena.  I would say this was by far the best competition I have been to.

ET: Can you briefly describe the process from initial entry to showtime?

JF: The initial entry time was a period of about 6-8 weeks where Food Network was accepting recipes for the show.  When the contest closes, you wait for a couple months before you hear anything at all.

I remember them calling me in the summer during my lunch break at work saying I made it through the first cut for the dessert show.  At this time, they required us to submit an additional recipe that could be made from start to finish in 30 minutes that would also be prepared on the show in a speed round.  We also were asked to send in a 5 minute video of us preparing a recipe.

A couple weeks later up to I think a month, they called back and said I had made it as an official finalist for the dessert show.  At this point, we still had a couple months before the show.  In the meantime, there was paperwork to send in to get ready for the trip.

Showtime started the day before we actually went on set.  We had a pre-interview basically talking all about our recipes from start to finish.  The next day started bright and early at 6:00am at the Food Network Studios.  We got mic’d and waited for our cue to go set up our kitchens.  The set was incredible.  We had a full kitchen to work with and a “kitchen helper” to bring us everything we needed for both of our recipes. Right before we got started, Guy Fieri came and
chatted with us.

We had an hour and a half for our signature round then a half hour for the speed round.  The time went really fast, especially during the speed round.  Ingredients were flying all over the place!

Sitting in front of the judges was the most nerve racking moment of the day.  You are just hoping they say something positive.  Thank goodness I got very positive remarks from them, so although I was not crowned the Grand Prize winner, I felt good about both dishes that I brought to the judges.

ET: What emotions did you experience when you entered the studio for the first time?

JF: It was such an honor entering the Food Network Studios.  Right after stepping foot out of the elevator, you see the big Food Network logo onthe wall and are greeted with a security guard.  I think it really hit me thatI was there when they walked us through the test kitchens.  It was just likeI remember seeing it on tv.  It was hard to believe I was really working whereall of the great Food Network Chefs work.

ET: This is the question that has to be asked, how cool was it meeting Guy Fieri?

JF: Guy Fieri couldn’t have been nicer.  He was just as cool and down to earth as he seems on tv.  He spent time chatting with each of us, making us all feelcomfortable.  It was nice to know he is a genuine and kind person.

ET: How has the exposure from URS changed your life?

JF: I wouldn’t say the exposure from URS has changed my life, but I will say that it is an experience that will never be forgotten.  Every time I compete in a competition I always learn something new.
Meeting the other finalists, and improving on the comments that the judges give you are the things that I treasure from competition to competition.

ET: Can we expect to see you on future episodes?

JF: I will say yes, you will see me on future episodes!  It is by far one of the most exciting cooking competitions I have done.

Never Diet – Change Your Lifestyle

NEWSFLASH: Diets do not work. There are no shortcuts!

At least no healthy ones, anyway. Sure you can have some hack stick the business end of a Oreck in your gut or take enough appetite suppressants to wire your central nervous system but you will not be any healthier. Diets do not work. Diet is the key. When you read of the latest diet you are not hearing about diet, you are hearing about a fad and none of them are healthy.

“What about the Mediterranean Diet,” you may ask, “Isn’t that supposed to be healthy?” When the phrase Mediterranean Diet comes up it does not mean a weight loss program, it means the diet of the people of the Mediterranean Sea.

What they eat everyday of their lives and yes that is as healthy as you will ever find. There are tons of studies that show us a lifetime commitment to eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and a decreasing emphasis on animal protein (fish first, then poultry, and finally beef/goat/lamb/dairy/etc.) and sugar is the way to go. Add in the proper amount of exercise and you have the recipe for a healthy life. Do not do this and nothing else you do is healthy. Proper diet and exercise is the way to go.

But the endless cycle of weight loss/weight gain is worse for your body than toting around that spare tire. Need to know more about the Mediterranean Diet? Check out the American Heart Association’s research.

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