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ICA: Symon vs. Nunez

symon banner ICA: Symon vs. YagihashiIron Chef Michael Symon faces off against challenger Jesus Nunez. Chef Núñez is chef and owner of Gastroarte Restaurant in New York. The judges are Jose Andres, Cady Huffman, Andrew Zimmern and Sophie Michell.

Chef Jesus NunezThe menu at Gastroarte Restaurant showcases rich, imaginative cooking with a focus on simple yet robust flavors and also reflects Chef Núñez’ youthful history as a graffiti and fine artist. In the kitchen, he draws inspiration from his love of urban design and street art, designing his dishes to be colorful creations that many diners say are “too beautiful to eat.” The stage for these edible works of art offers its diners two unique dining experiences.

Chef Núñez’ passion for fusing old-world recipes with new-world preparations is to say the least artistic but in Kitchen Stadium awaits Michael Symon as the two collide in Battle Octopus.  Be sure to check out my exclusive interview with Iron Chef Symon HERE.

Check below for the outcome.

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Symon Núñez
Taste 37 32
Plating 16 17
Originality 16 19
Total 69 68

Dressing Tips From The Country’s Top Chefs

Gobble, gobble is just a few weeks away.  Now is the time to finalize your plans for cooking your Thanksgiving dinner.  Some of the country’s best chefs go together at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival and literally talked turkey.  Check it out:



ICA: Flay vs. Andres

iron chef America, wannabe tv chef

SPOILER ALERT: This is the recap of a classic ICA episode from

Theme : Goat

Chefs : Chef José Andrés challenges Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

Full Recap

Secret Ingredient: Goat

Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s Dishes
Goat Meatball Salad
Chile Relleno with Picadillo of Goat
Red Curry Goat with Risotto Cake
BBQ Goat Taquito with Queso Fundido
Tagine of Goat

Challenger José Andrés’ Dishes
Goat Tartare
Goat Couscous
Goat Ribs and Corn on the Cob
Goat Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes
Goat Milk Sorbet with Red Wine

Tim Ryan – President Culinary Institute of America
Rene Syler – Anchorwoman CBS’ The Early Show
Jeffrey Steingarten – Author “The Man Who Ate Everything”

Iron Chef
Taste: 24
Plating: 12
Originality: 12
Total: 48

Taste: 27
Plating: 14
Originality: 14
Total: 55

Winner: Chef José Andrés

ICA: Garces vs. Pomeroy

Someone call the FBI and cancel the APB on Jose Garces!  Last year’s Next Iron Chef winner makes an appearance with just his third battle as an Iron Chef.

Naomi Pomeroy on WannabeTVchef.comChef Naomi Pomeroy comes to town to do battle from her acclaimed restaurant Beast in Portland, Oregon.  Beast is a six-course prix-fixe restaurant that celebrates the glories of meat.  The menu changes based on what is in season with one exception, a footnote that reads “Substitutions politely declined.”  Amen!

Fresh off an appearance on the Cooking Channel’s Food(ography) in June, this one-time vegetarian now boasts a meat-centric menu that recently landed her in O Magazine as one of “10 Women on the Rise.”  In 2009 Food & Wine honored Pomeroy with a Best New Chef Award for the cuisine she calls “refined French grandmother.”  In 2008 Portland Monthly magazine named her, Chef of the Year.  That same year she was one of six ladies featured in a Food & Wine article entitled Women Chefs: The Next Generation and the restaurant she co-owns with Micah Camden, Beast, was named co-Restaurant of the Year by Diner.

Chef Naomi is a genuine individual crediting neither apprenticeship nor culinary school for her success but rather reading.  She is obsessed with cookbooks and food history.  She attributes Richard Olney, Larousse and Harold McGee for her culinary education.  She is famous for her Smoky Tomato Soup with Maple-Candied Bacon.  Her cuisine was once described by Karen Brooks of the Oregonian as being like, “a blind date between Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain.”

Pomeroy’s appearance should squelch rumors that Jose Garces is no longer on the show.  Or does it?  In a June interview at Pomeroy reveals that the episode was actually shot in October of ’09.  Probably around the same time that the other Garces battles would have been taped.  So again the questions pops up, “Is Garces still an Iron Chef?”  Why are they doing The Next Iron Chef 3?  The plot thickens.

The judges for Battle Truffle were Jose Andres, Karine Bakhoum and Jeffrey Chodorow.

Click HERE for the outcome.

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