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Originally posted on July 25, 2008.

Hello, I am Stuart, and I’m a foodie.

Where do I start?

Last week’s Iron Chef: America:  I have been blogging this show for quite some time now and I have never seen any challenger capture the imagination of the public like Gabrielle Hamilton.  The hits I get on her are amazing.  I hope TFN is paying attention, they may have accidentally found the Next Food Network Star.  And Bobby Flay’s sous chef Renee ain’t bad either.  I should know I thought five years ago that Anne Burrell needs her own show.  Are you listening Tuschman?  I got the sight.

Which now brings me to all of the turmoil of NFNS:  Fixed!  Aaron had one of the worst performances of anyone in the history of the show last week and now (thanks to a network blunder) we know that he is the winner.  Fixed!  Well, actually Mary Nolan was the real winner.  Fixed!  She got a show and didn’t even have to compete.  And oddly enough Kelsey Nixon, the brightest face to come on the network in a while got axed (presumably to make sure Aaron would win).  Fixed!

SARCASM ALERT: But TFN was on to something with Mary Nolan.  My stats on her are off the chart.  She’s a solid fit for the network, but apparently a lot of you love her.  I like her, she’s nice, but Kelsey has star (Rachael Ray cross-over star) written all over her.  Instead of calling Aaron McCargo’s new show Big Daddy’s House they should call it One And Done.  Out of the ten chefs they had to choose from they went with the guy who was horrible on camera.  No wonder the winner’s show never gets picked up for a second season.  Except for Guy Fieri.  I see why Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen smoke NFNS in the ratings.  Sure they are just shows about people screaming and there is little actual cooking to them but you at least feel that they find the best person in the end.

Valentine’s Day is Sex on a Plate

The following is from my good friend Jennifer Iannolo, co-founder of the Culinary Media Network®.  Jen has planned the ultimate Valentine’s Day Event this year but I’ll let her tell you more about it.  Read on:

What does your inside voice say when you taste something sublime?

Mine says this.

Youve seen me talk a lot about Sex on a Plate on Twitter and Facebook, but I think its high time we got out of the digital realm to bring the experience to life, so if youre going to be in NYC for Valentines Day, I  hope youll join me for a very special evening.

Instead of the rote table-for-two scenario, I’m inviting you to my cocktail party in the Penthouse of the Roger Smith Hotel. We’ve planned a sultry evening of tastes to evoke your senses with the kinds of aromas, textures  and flavors that will make your mouth water  and prime you for what we hope  is a most sensual evening. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single, double or threesome. Or any other combination.

Step inside my head, and see what Sex on a Plate looks like to me.

Pretty please, with a strawberry on top.


DATE:         February 14, 2010

TIME:          6:30-10:00 PM

VENUE:      Roger Smith Hotel, Penthouse: Solarium, Lexington Avenue & 47th

EVENT TYPE: Cocktail & Tasting Party

MENU:        A series of delectable small plates and adult beverages


$100 per person through January 31st

$125 per person after January 31st

Space is limited. 21 and over. Order your tickets here.

Note: Due to the nature of this tasting event, we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate food allergy restrictions. Menu may contain shellfish,
nuts or other allergens.


The Roger Smith Hotel is offering a special Take Monday Off rate on Valentines Day for this event. Please contact Brian Simpson for details on Twitter or via e-mail.

Photos: Kelly Cline

NBC Black History Month Menu Not Offensive

Yesterday (Feb. 4, 2010) the commissary at NBC’s 30 Rockafeller Center in New York produced a special menu to celebrate Black History Month. The menu has come under some fire and I have absolutely no idea why.

NBC Menu

Musician Questlove of the Legendary Roots Crew (the house band for NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) took a pic of the menu board and posted it to his Twitter account with the caption, “Hmm HR?”  A few hours later the menu was changed to a grilled chicken Po ‘Boy.


The purpose of Black History Month, as I understand it, is to celebrate the contributions of the African-American community to American society.  It is the oldest and longest official ethnic observance in the nation having started in the 1920’s as Negro History Week.

During the now month-long remembrance we are reminded of the scientific contributions of Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver.  We revel in the musical genius of everyone from Louis Armstrong to Chuck Berry to Kathleen Battle.  We lose ourselves in the poetic prose of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.  And most importantly we memorialize those who gave so much to earn equality for African-Americans, people like W.E.B. DuBois, Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr.

It has long been my insistence that the crux of American Cuisine (the food that defines our nation) hails from the Deep South.  The legacy of Southern cooking is the foundation of American food.  The African-American community, more than any other, is responsible for shaping the recipes that define our national palate.  Fried chicken, greens, cornbread, black-eyed peas, etc. are examples of the spirit of a people who made the most out of what little they were given.  And we are all richer for their creativity.

We have set aside the month of February to celebrate the academic and artistic contributions of the African-American community.  So why is celebrating their gastronomic accomplishments considered racist?  Absurd.  If we are to follow this same line of thinking then every Hip Hop rhyme, every blood transfusion and every Moonwalk is also racist.

I do not blame Questlove for this pointless controversy.  Even he realized the menu was no big deal Twitting, “i think i need a twitter break. i done started something. and now i must put out fire.”  The menu was chosen by Chef Leslie Calhoun, an African-American, and is a menu she has been working to get put on the rotation specifically for Black History Month because she feels these are recipes everyone enjoys.

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