Our Food System is Under Attack. . .

. . . by our own government.

As has been well documented here and on thousands of other sites President Obama has littered the USDA and FDA with lobbyists who work for the mega conglomerate Monsanto.  In case you do not know how powerful Monsanto is use this as a barometer; Monsanto tells Walmart what they can and cannot sell.

Now the effects of this unholy partnership are coming to fruition.

First I received this from Food Democracy Now:

Dear Stuart,

If the U.S. government has its way, a powerful intergovernmental group you’ve probably never heard of may soon prevent anyone anywhere from labeling genetically modified (GMO) food.

Operated by the United Nations, the Codex Alimentarius is a collection of guidelines, codes and recommendations regarding food safety and labeling standards which are used by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to settle international disputes regarding food and agricultural trade agreements.

The U.S. Delegation to the Codex meeting is adopting a position that would make it virtually impossible to label foods as “GMO-free” anywhere in the world.

The effects of this policy would have an apocalyptic effect on the US and even the world’s food system.  It would allow Monsanto to covertly add their un-tested genetic modifications to any food item without letting the consumer know.  To fight it click HERE.

As if this were not enough, the Obama Administration continues its attempts to eradicate all small businesses.  A bill now in the House of Representatives called the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010 (HR 5034) would, according to Wine Spectatorfreethegrapes.org and the Family Wineries of Washington State all say that this legislation has one goal – to destroy small wineries and breweries by eliminating competition for the large producers.

A Facebook page has been set up to fight this latest attempt at destroying our economy by the Obama Administration.  To help click HERE.

You know, I thought Bush and the Republicans were supposed to be in bed with big business but they have nothing on what Obama has pulled in just 15 months.  Happy, F’n earth Day.  If this is the President’s approach to restricting corporate corruption and defeating obesity I wonder what his technique is for saving the dolphins in Japan.  Sarin gas and nukes maybe?


2 Responses to Our Food System is Under Attack. . .

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  • Nikevictory says:

    I am posting this comment so people can see how certain people never bother to read content. They simply want to defend a mistake they have made in the voting booth. This problem is not about parties. [clears throat – picks up bullhorn] THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN AND A DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN. [puts bullhorn down]

    Bush never cared about us retaining the right to bare arms; Obama has never cared about the environment.

    Nikevictory is right that Bush weakened the safety requirements on Gulf oil rigs. Obama was aware of it but has done nothing to strengthen them in his year and a half in office therefore the problem is solely his now. Inaction is an action. It is his fault because he was in charge when it happened – that’s the job.

    If someone doesn’t like your politician it does not mean that they are from “the other party.” There are more independent voters in America than there are either Republican or Democrat voters. So assuming someone whose views differ from yours is naturally a Republican doesn’t just make you wrong it makes you a bigot on par with the most vehement racist.

    To justify the poor decisions of your candidate by pointing out the last guy’s poor decisions is not a valid (or sane) defense. It simply indicates that you are not intellectually capable of participating in this conversation.

    The funniest argument that Nikevictory makes includes the phrase “Obama says.” Obama said that his administration would be transparent – it is the most cryptic administration in US history. Obama said that healthcare reform would be done in public, in front of C-SPAN cameras and with all parties in attendance. The entire deal was done behind closed doors without Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party or any other party privy to any word of negotiation. The result is a bill no one in the Democratic Party has read with provisions that will destroy small business as we know it.

    How about this one, Obama says, “I don’t take a dime of their [lobbyist] money, and when I am President, they won’t find a job in my White House.“ Then he hired Tom Vilsack, Roger Beachy, Islam Siddiqui, Dr. Michael Osterholm, Dr. Regina Benjamin, Lisa P. Jackson and the man the Huffington Post says is “responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history” Michael Taylor – all lobbyists, most for Monsanto.

    Now, enjoy the incoherent babbling of Nikevictory (a user name not a real name, apparently courage is no more apart of his world than reality).

    Response to Stuart re: small business.
    Stuart claims that Obama admin. is trying to wreck small business. What is the proof? Obama says that small business is the means to economic recovery. It was the Bush admin that took the teeth out of the regulatory agencies. Bush admin.brought the lack of regulation that allowed billions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Bush and Cheney were oilmen, you know. Bush admin. deregulated testing of medicines, result was many thousands of people have died from medicine! Bush spent money on war,but saved money on regulating imported food as well as toys, and many people are dying slow and miserable deaths because of poisons. Further, people will die of mad cow disease because Bush wanted cattlemen to police their own herds for diseases. (Mad cow takes humans about 17 years to die, after infection: its a time bomb.) Genetically modified food is an unknown quantity in the human body, Stuart, but it is certain that some of Monsanto’s products are killing our pollinators, because they either poison insects, or the insects don’t like them as food. (Humans could take a lesson from that.) If you want to blame someone, pounce on Tom Vilsak. See his history as lobbiest for Monsanto.

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