Next Food Network Star 6 EP 7 – Review

Well, we’re finally out of ratings fodder. We are down to two dark horses (Serena, Aria) and four legitimate contenders in Herb, Aarti, Brad and Tom.  Two of the worst personalities Food Network has ever recruited (Brianna and Paul) are finally gone.  I wish both of them well and certainly hope the glimpses we got of both were due to editing and pressure rather than their genuine approach to life.  On the fan voting Aarti has a significant lead but Brad has been making a move.  Oddly enough Doreen Fang, who was eliminated in week 2 is fourth in the fan voting; chalk that up to her faithful Twitter following.

There was a Jeffrey Saad sighting today as last year’s runner-up joined Bobby Flay on his weekly series, Grill It! with Bobby Flay.  Although I have no complaints with Jeffrey losing out to Melissa D’Arabian last year at the same time I personally prefer his food-without-borders POV to D’Arabian’s busy-mom-on-a-budget.

Brad Sorenson on WannabeTVchef.comFirst Challenge:  Speaking of last year’s winner, Melissa shows up and challenges this year’s contenders to make dinner with a gaggle of breakfast cereals.  FN wasted no effort on clever product placement for this challenge.  Even Herb made sure to say Kellogg cereal not just cereal.  The contestants only had 20 minutes to contrive and execute their dishes.

Star Challenge:  Aarti is the team leader as the contestants must work together to throw a supper club party for 40 hard core foodies.  Aarti decides to throw a party that is a taste of the diversity of L.A.

My thoughts:

Dzintra Dzenis – went home week 3.
Doreen Fang – went home week 2.
Alexis Hernandez – went home week 1.
Brianna Jenkins – finally went home week 6.

Aria Kagan – So far more personality than skill and there is already too much of that on the Food Network.  Best quote of the night was hers, “I’m not that smart.”  Her food proved it.  Her presentation ran too long.  In the 2nd challenge Aria made a comment that she wanted to make Aarti crack.  I hate it when people try to bring other people down because they aren’t good enough.  Just admit your limitations and move on.  Aria is now firmly on the “gotta go” list.  She chooses carrot soup for her 2nd challenge.  Aria sabotaged Aarti’s presentation by interrupting her and the judges were not pleased.  Turns out sweet smiley Aria is just another snake in the grass.

Herb Mesa – Food Network is milking his emotional roller coaster so I doubt he gets the boot.  Herb’s 1st challenge went well both in food and presentation.  Herb does a traditional flan for his 2nd challenge.  Herb proved himself a true leader but it hurt him in the end as his flan was a little over cooked.  His presentation was great but his food failed.  The thing that killed Herb was not buying the right pans for his flan when he had the chance.  Susie schooled him on that.

Serena Palumbo – This is likely her last week on the show.  1st challenge didn’t go well.  Bad presentation – well weird is probably a better word.  Serena does a traditional Italian dish for the 2nd challenge.  Serena struggles big time to plate her dishes.  Her presentation is back to being 90 MPH again.  Hard to tell who did worse tonight her are Aria although Aria was clearly less likable.

Tom Pizzica – Is he the front runner now?  Seriously?  Maybe not as his 1st challenge presentation ran long and had no energy but the food was good.  For the 2nd challenge Tom goes Thai.  Tom starts taking short cuts and adds too much soy sauce to his dish.  Uh, Tom, they rarely use soy sauce in Thai food, dude.  Also “homage” is pronounced oh-modge not hom-udgh.  Not his best week, back to the Tom that doesn’t care again.

Aarti Sequeira – Two bad weeks in a row but her saving grace is that Bob Tuschman really, REALLY wants an Indian show on the flagship network?  Aarti nailed her 1st presentation and her food was good.  The party is back on.  For the second challenge Aarti prepares a green curry dish.  As usual Aarti’s presentation was lights out and her food was a triumph.

Darrell “DAS” Smith – went home week 4.

Brad Sorenson – Not only did he have his best week last time around but he had the best week of any contestant this season.  The presentation on the 1st challenge started well but he got sidetracked.  His food on the other hand was a home run.  He does spiced rubbed lamb with ragu for the 2nd challenge.  He mis-times his food but Herb is there as a good sous chef to help out.  His presentation starts fine but derails a bit towards the end.  Thanks to Herb’s help he nailed his lamb.  Honorable mention to Brad on the best quote of the night, “It’s a lot of fun when the bone sticks up.”  Though funnier it wasn’t as honest as Aria’s quote.

Paul Young – mercifully went home week 5.

Two weeks ago I proclaimed it a two horse race between Herb and Aarti but if you asked me now I’d say that it’s between Aarti, Tom and Brad.


“In it to Win it” Quotes – 0.

Number of people crying – 1.

Number of WTF moments – 1.

Who should win based on what we’ve seen so far: Aarti

Who will win based on what we’ve seen in the past: Aarti

Winner(s) 1st Challenge:  Aarti  2nd challenge: Aarti

Updated “gotta go” list: Aria and Serena.

The finalist who will be going home is . . .

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