Food Network Star Exit Interview: Alicia Sanchez

Week three has come and gone and sadly so has Alicia Sanchez.  She was in the bottom again this week.  Despite the fact that her food seemed better than both Mary Beth and Susie’s I think it was her cumulative performance on the show that ultimately was her undoing.  And like Alicia said, “It’s not about other people.  My evaluation is about me.”

Another thing that derailed her was that the person who had the worst performance was on the winning team thus saving him from elimination.  Chris’ performance was the worst thing we have seen on Food Network Star since Aaron McCargo’s total meltdown in season four.  Worse than Debbie Lee, worse than “bacon steak.”

Alicia posted this on her Facebook page today, it’s about what happens when you’re booted, “I am currently working on a blog post about what you do when you get kicked off the show. Here’s a hint: you don’t go home! You are banished to someplace I’d like to call “Reality Show Purgatory” in a hotel off the side of a highway in LA with droves of other reality show contestants who have been eliminated from various shows..STAY TUNED!!! Hmm…This sounds like the makings of a really good spin off reality show!”

I really like Alicia.  She has a loveable quality about her.  She is not like the stereotypical fashion models that you see on TV or like I have met out in LA.  Perhaps that is what endeared her to me.  She was not trying to use her looks to get the show; she wanted to earn it.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and sometimes (OK more than sometimes) that means crying when things don’t go well.  When asked about her crying Alicia said, “I was definitely labeled as the crier.  Other people cried too.  I’m not the only person that cried but I am the only person that they showed.”

The scene where you were in the market with Alton was to me the best sequence in episode one, can you describe what it was like taking direction from Alton?

Alicia Sanchez of Food Network StarIt was a huge surprise that Alton Brown showed up there.  It was great taking direction from him.  He really knows what he’s talking about.  Even though I had a little mini breakdown he really calmed me down and was able to get our entire team to focus.  I can’t think of another star on the Food Network that would be better suited to help us than Alton Brown.

In what ways has being on Food Network Star changed your life?

A lot of different ways including that I’m getting recognized which is hilarious to me.  Somebody recognized in the bathroom yesterday.  I was actually in Boulder, Colorado at my little brother’s wedding and we were having brunch and I was in the bathroom washing my hands and this woman was just starring at me.  And I thought Geez, do I have some spinach in my teeth? Then she said are you the girl from Food Network Star? So then of course I have a 20 minute conversation with a complete stranger in a bathroom about being on Food Network Star.  That part has been really fun.

Who on the show are you still good friends with?

I am still good friends with Whitney Chen.  I talk often with Orchid, she’s back in South Carolina.  I love both of the Justins.  I love Juba.  He actually stayed at my apartment in New York while I was out of town.  He was coming to New York so I let him use my apartment.  And I loved Susie and Mary Beth.

Alicia also had a lot more to say about the entire behind the scenes drama of episode three in her blog, Dish with Lish, but that post has since disappeared. On it she had warned, “Tune in on Sunday and follow me on Twitter- I will be tweeting no holes barred for the rest of the competition @AliciaSanchezNY”  Who knows if that will happen now.

During our phone call she did briefly touched on her relationship with Penny, “All of what was said about me in the first episode was completely behind my back.  I was OK with Penny.  She had a problem with me from the word go.  At the time she was just kind of an annoyance to me because I thought she was kind of bossing and controlling.  I didn’t realize that she. . . It came off that she hated me.  I didn’t really feel that when I was actually on the show.  But watching it in hindsight my jaw dropped.”

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Be sure to stop by each Monday for my exclusive mourning after exit interviews with each exiled foodie (HERE). This year I have also added the WTVC (WannabeTVchef) Food Network Star Polls – six categories for contestants who best embody the spirit of former Food Network Star competitors. Be sure to check them out HERE. Click HERE to get all the news, gossip and snark on Food Network Star season 7.

I am currently working on a blog post about what you do when you get kicked off the show. Here’s a hint: you don’t go home! You are banished to someplace I’d like to call “Reality Show Purgatory” in a hotel off the side of a highway in LA with droves of other reality show contestants who have been eliminated from various shows..STAY TUNED!!! Hmm…This sounds like the makings of a really good spin off reality show!

5 Responses to Food Network Star Exit Interview: Alicia Sanchez

  • Goody Marie says:

    Alicia deserved to be kicked off as soon as possible. Her diction was horrible. She speaks as if her mouth is full of marbles. I am from the midwest and we do not speak like her. This is her own speech affect which is truly annoying. During the VERY FIRST CHALLENGE she's pleading, "Can someone help me?" It was obvious that she was already way in over her head and I have no idea how she made it through the show's previous elimination processes in order to even make it to the final group. Finally, if I am one of her supervisors at the school where she supposedly teaches, I would have serious doubts about her after watching her performance on this show. Being a chef is a stressful job and you cannot be an emotional basket case like Alicia and be successful at it.

  • G. Go. says:

    Goody Marie – With your preceding post it looks like 'you' are the one in over your head. It is clearly evident that you are trying very hard to sound intelligent (despite all of your spelling and grammatical errors). I'm not sure what annoys you about Alicia's voice. Alicia is a true sweetheart and a team player. She's not a vindictive cut throat ***** like Penny (who I'm assuming that you are routing for). There is so much to like about her (including her dictation) and you are definitely a poor judge of character. I'd like to see you 'thrown' on live TV and hold your own even half as good as Alicia did. Keep your nasty comments to yourself and keep on living in that nasty world of hate that you sadly live in.

  • Polyglot says:

    I am not rooting for anyone on the show, but seriously, Alicia has either a very basic grasp of English or has so much of a Jersey girl accent and way to much Botox to let her lips work properly. I am sure she is a sweet girl, but the language and diction needs a lot of work.

  • Polyglot says:

    Actually, let me clarify my last comment. It was unfair to ladies from NJ. her accent is just weird and sounds contrived like the is trying to speak a different dialect she knows little about.

    • Actually, Alicia was from the mid-west but moved to New York which has probably given her some kind of hybrid accent. My mother is from Wyoming and to everyone here in Alabama she sounds like a Yankee but her family out west swear she sounds like a Southerner. Emeril is another example of a hybrid accent. Being from Massachusetts he still switches A's with R's (saying cah for car and warsh for wash) but having been in New Orleans for 30 years he says y'all, fixin' and dawlin' a lot too.

      I don't care for the drama on this season but at the same time this is easily the most talented cast they have put together. Talking to people from the production side it is clear that Alicia's food was far better than the final editing would lead people to believe. Alton Brown said as long as Alicia cooks like she does she can cry all she wants.

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