ICA: Garces vs Becker

ICA: Garces vs. Becker

Iron Chef Jose Garces faces off against Challenger Franklin Becker, executive chef at “Abe and Arthur’s,” a critically acclaimed eatery in New York City. Judges for Battle: Haddock were Raul de Molina, Candice Kumai and Richard Belzer.

franklin beckerBorn and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Chef Becker’s life has always been centered on food. From early on, he was under his mother’s feet cooking.
By the time he was fourteen, Becker was working in a professional kitchen. Throughout high school and college, Becker spent his free time cooking. Upon graduation from college, he decided to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America from which he graduated with honors.

Having cooked in the past for Revlon magnate Ronald Perelman, Becker has also held the post of Executive Chef at several fine New York establishments including Local, Capitale and both the Tribeca Grand and Soho Grand Hotels.  Chef Becker is currently Executive Chef at Brasserie in New York City, a critically acclaimed restaurant which opened its doors in 1959 and is New York’s first Brasserie and late-night establishment.

Check below for the outcome.

9999 Food Network Star Season 8 EP4 Recap

Garces Becker
Taste  25  27
Plating  13  14
Originality  12  14
Total  50  55

ICA: Flay/Symon vs. Garces/Forgione

NewICAHeader ICA: Flay/Symon vs. Garces/Forgione

There are few things better than a Iron Chef on Iron Chef show down.  Tonight on a special Iron Chef was the annual Battle: Thanksgiving with Bobby Flay and Michael Symon teaming up to take on the last two Next Iron Chef winners Jose Garces and Marc Forgione.

These types of battles are always fun.  There’s no mystery – you know in advance who the competitors are, what the theme is and all that is left is to make some of the best Thanksgiving food ever.  Ever.

The judges for tonight’s Battle: Thanksgiving were Karine Bakhoum, Henry Winkler and Cady Huffman.  This was the first time in Kitchen Stadium for the Fonz.

Check below for the outcome.

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Flay/Symon                  Garces/Forgione
Taste: 29                      Taste: 25
Plating: 15                    Plating:  14
Originality: 15              Originality: 15
Total: 59*                     Total: 54

*One point shy of a perfect score.

ICA: Garces vs. Paley

NewICAHeader ICA: Cora vs. Schneider

Challenging Chef Vitaly Paley abandoned a career behind the piano for a career behind the burners. Will he play a song of victory against Iron Chef Garces?

“With corporate chains and noisy mega-restaurants dominating the American dining scene, Paley’s Place in Portland, Oregon, is a refreshing change. By opening a restaurant with only 50 seats, Vitaly and Kimberly Paley have made a commitment to creativity and flexibility in cuisine, sophistication in service, and intimacy in the dining experience. The warm environment can be enjoyed via the front porch, open air patio, bar/bistro, both dining rooms.”

Chef Vitlay PaleyThose are the words from the web site of Chef Vitaly Paley’s landmark West Coast eatery and they go a long way in explaining Paley’s approach.  Chef Vitaly has spent a lifetime in the mega-cities of food, New York and Paris, including stops at Union Square Café and Remi and Chanterelle.  But it was a job with World Yacht Cruises that changed his life forever as that is where he met his wife and partner Kimberly.  The two then worked together at famed Michelin two-star restaurant Moulin de la Gorce, just outside of Limoges, France.

But there is more to the Ukrainian immigrant than just a master touch with a spatula.  In his youth he was a child prodigy on the piano and ultimately spent a few years studying at the famed Julliard school in New York.  Today Paley is an avid road cyclist who makes his own energy bars and sports drinks (recipes available HERE).

Chef Paley will need to bring all of his talents when he enters Kitchen Stadium where Iron Chef Jose Garces awaits him.

The winner of Battle: Raddish . . .

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Garces                    Paley
Taste: 22                Taste: 27
Plating: 12              Plating: 11
Originality: 12         Originality: 13
Total: 46                 Total: 51

ICA: Garces vs. Lata – Outcome

iron chef America, wannabe tv chef

SPOILER ALERT: The following information is the outcome of Garces vs. Lata. If you want information on the combatants click HERE. If you are only interested in the outcome read on.

The judges for Battle: Sparkling Wine were author and master sommelier Andrea Robinson, wine expert Steve Olson, actress Debi Mazar, and Barneys’ creative director Simon Doonan.  Iron Chefs Garces was triumphant defeating Chef Lata by a score of 70 to 67.

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