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ICA: Symon/Burrell vs. Cora/Irvine

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A special Iron Chef America pits Iron Chef against Iron Chef.  Food Network host vs. Food Network host.  The team of Micheal Symon and Secrets of a Restaraunt Chef host Anne Burrell take on the team of Cat Cora and Dinner: Impossible host Robert Irvine.  Battle: Chocolate.

The Chairman is turning down the temperature in Kitchen Stadium for a super-sized battle of culinary masters! Iron Chefs Symon and Cora both step in to battle along with Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Robert Irvine. They have what it takes to whip the Worst Cooks in America into shape, but can they handle the cold in Kitchen Stadium?

Well, look below to find out.

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Secret ingredient: Deep freeze (multiple courses with a specified ingredient, containing a frozen element).
Symon/Burrell 50
Cora/Irvine 46

ICA: Garces vs. Lata – Outcome

iron chef America, wannabe tv chef

SPOILER ALERT: The following information is the outcome of Garces vs. Lata. If you want information on the combatants click HERE. If you are only interested in the outcome read on.

The judges for Battle: Sparkling Wine were author and master sommelier Andrea Robinson, wine expert Steve Olson, actress Debi Mazar, and Barneys’ creative director Simon Doonan.  Iron Chefs Garces was triumphant defeating Chef Lata by a score of 70 to 67.

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ICA: Garces vs. Lata

iron chef America, wannabe tv chef

Put all of that conjecture about Garces leaving Iron Chef to rest.  In episode 2 of the ninth season he returns to take on Chef Mike Lata in Battle: Sparkling Wine.

I have a soft spot in my heart for challengers like Mike Lata.  Like me, he became a chef without going to culinary school but rather by working his butt off for Mike Lata of FIGyears in kitchens in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, New Orleans, Atlanta and even France (a lifelong dream).  A sustainability devotee, he became a self-appointed spokesperson for the Georgia Organic Growers Association.

Today Lata is Chef/Partner of FIG (Food Is Good), a local neighborhood eatery located in the heart of downtown Charleston.  Along with partner Adam Nimerow he has forged FIG into a James Beard Award winning eatery that is, “laid-back, eclectic and unpretentious, FIG is one part retro diner, one part neighborhood café, and one part elegant bistro.”

Waiting for Chef Lata is Iron Chef Jose Garces who is sure to be focused after finishing last season with back-to-back losses, the first two of his career.  The judges for Battle: Sparkling Wine were author and master sommelier Andrea Robinson, wine expert Steve Olson, actress Debi Mazar, and Barneys’ creative director Simon Doonan.

Click HERE for the outcome.

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ICA: Holiday Battle – Cora vs. Symon

After the Flay vs. Morimoto Battle: Eggnog what can the Chairman have up his well tailored sleeve?

Iron Chef Cat CoraIron Chef Michael SymonWell, it’s a battle between Cat Cora and Michael Symon. A contest between the first female Iron Chef (Cora) and the first Next Iron Chef winner (Symon) certainly sounds like fun. I love to watch Symon cook and I love to watch Cat do anything.

The guest judges include a singer, an actress and a chocolatier as the legendary Patti LeBelle, Tony Award winner Cady Huffman and one of the great pastry chefs in the world, François Payard are on hand.  Hmm, two ladies and a pastry chef.  Could the theme ingredient be another sweet holiday treat?  Perhaps Symon can unleash his chocolate covered bacon again.

Here’s what went down.  If you don’t want to know what happened stop reading now!

Full Recap From

Secret Ingredient: Chocolate

Iron Chef Michael Symon’s Dishes
Geoduck Clam Ceviche with Chocolate Caviar
Miso and Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta
Beet and Chocolate Ravioli
White Chocolate Ice Cream with Rhubarb Granita
Chocolate Ganache and Flourless Chocolate Cake
Braised Beef Cheeks with Mole

Iron Chef Cat Cora’s Dishes
Chilled Chestnut Chocolate Soup
Escolar with White Chocolate Succotash
Chocolate-Duck Pastille
Chocolate Pudding Cake with White Chocolate Ice Cream
Christmas Tree Trio
Reindeer Treats

Patti LaBelle – Entertainer/Foodie
Cady Huffman – Actress
Francois Payard – Pastry Chef

Michael Symon
Taste: 24
Plating: 14
Originality: 14
Total: 52

Cat Cora
Taste: 22
Plating: 12
Originality: 11
Total: 45

Winner: Iron Chef Michael Symon

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