Review: Creme Fraiche – South Park S14 EP14

A friend of mine hipped me to the fact that the guys at South Park had done an episode about foodies and cheflebrities.  Well, I had to check that out.

Trey Parker (left) and Matt Stone (right)Now I don’t get a chance to talk about South Park here (for obvious reasons) but it is to this day some of the best television ever.  Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone put truth ahead of agenda and that is so refreshing in this day and age.  Unlike what the mainstream media tells us life is not just Demorcrap or Repugnantcan.

Depending on the political environment at the time America is 30% to 33% Repub, 25% to 28% Demo and the rest is neither.  There are more independents than members of either party – right now there are more Indies than both parties combined.   South Park is the only place in the media that gets that.  This nation would be better off with a Parker/Stone White House than anything any political party can put together.

That’s because South Park doesn’t pull punches.  They don’t care how much it hurts they tell the truth.  As it turns out Trey Parker is a foodie and a huge Food Network fan so he has long wanted to do an episode making fun of, well, himself.  You see, even when hacking on themselves these guys are honest.

Stan’s dad Randy Marsh has a problem; he’s addicted to porn – food porn.  Sharon Marsh calls Food Network the “no no channel” and forbids her South Parkian Guy Fierihusband from watching it.  This is partly because the kids do not like the flavorful, non-processed foods it inspires Randy to prepare for the family and partly because Randy can’t stop molesting himself whenever it’s on.  Sharon’s distress over Randy’s “addiction” leads her to focus more on herself including a new work-out regime centered around a silver-tongued Shake Weight that quickly turns into a sordid affair.  Who hasn’t lived this exact same scenario?

The episode is ripe with ample amounts of innuendo, classic South Parkian celebrity impressions (that means they make no attempt to actually sound like them) and most importantly an accurate indictment of pop culture.  It is also hysterically funny especially with the over-emphasis on culinary words.  South Park is the only comedy in TV history that did not go down hill as soon as they started being preachy.  Nope South Park actually got better.

Check out Trey and Matt’s commentary on the episode below and then go watch the full episode for FREE from their web site.  But be forewarned, when I say “full” episode there are none of those hypocritical bleeps.  It’s full-frontal psychological nudity.

Sweet Surprise Parody

This video shows what the Sweet Surprise commercials would be like if they weren’t obscuring all of the facts about High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I’m sure I’ll be hearing from a lawyer about this one.  If I do get contacted by lawyer for the Corn Refiners Association I will consider it an admission on their part that everything in this video is pure fact.  Also, if you sue me, I will kick you.  Now that we know where everyone stands let’s have a little fun shall we:

Fast Food Permeates the South

The South has a culinary tradition so rich that without it the sum of “American Cuisine” would be little more than turkey and genetically modified corn.  That is why I was so disturbed by a recent piece by Zagat entitled 40 Fast-Food Capitals.  The gist of the article was to find the 40 most fast food dominated cities and it is not a list anyone should ever want to be on.  Sadly, seven of the top 10 cities and half of the list are in the South.  Even worse ten of the 40 are in the five states that constitute the Third Coast.

I can understand a high concentration of fast food establishments in locals that depend on tourism so Orlando, Miami and Tampa you get a pass.  Jacksonville, not so fast.  Shame also cloaks the Texas cities of Lubbock, Plano and Houston.  In Alabama, Birmingham (#10) and Montgomery (#15) as well as Baton Rouge, LA (#7) also bring a dishonor to themselves.  Congratulations to Mississippi who didn’t have a single city scratch the list, the same for tourist heavy New Orleans and Mobile.

As a resident of Alabama I have taken great pride in the back-to-back football national championships and Heisman Trophy winners won by the student athletes at the University of Alabama (2009) and Auburn University (2010).  But I am equally embarrassed that Birmingham and Montgomery are in the top 15.  In Birmingham there are 73 fast food “restaurants” for every 100,000 residents and Montgomery has 62 per 100K.

This is so disheartening to me.  America, and the Third Coast especially, have no reason to be in such a hurry.  20% of us don’t even have jobs so clearly we have time to make a sandwich.  I am not saying that we abandon them altogether but we must exercise moderation.  We owe ourselves better.

It’s hard to see the draw of fast food anymore.  The two things fast food offered – speed and convenience – went away decades ago.  As has actual food at many of them.  Taco Bell was recently under fire for using unapproved genetically modified material in their taco shells and for only having 80% beef in their 100% beef taco filling.  Well Taco Bell has admitted 80% but independent labs have found that the number is closer to 36%.  Virtually everything you buy at McDonald’s and Burger King is more corn than whatever they call it – according to The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan it was revealed that the Chicken McNugget is actually 56% genetically modified corn.

And just so you know, genetically modified corn is not real corn.  GM corn has proven to be the source of two decades worth of e coli outbreaks.  GM corn, in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), is also the root cause of the nation’s obesity epidemic as well as the increase in liver disease, pancreatic cancer and type 2 diabetes.  In this era of corrupt government it should come as no surprise that Monsanto, the company that invented GM corn, has purchased itself a rather large office space in Washington – they call it the USDA.

Think about that the next time you duck into the drive-thru.  I’m not saying don’t order, just think about it.  Here’s another short video from our pals Burger and Soda:

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