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Chef Brooke Gives Birth!

I got the following message from Private Chef of Beverly Hills’ Brooke’s people, “Brooke Peterson had a healthy baby girl on May 26th!  She’s back to posting on her site.”

On said web site Brooke wrote:

Chef Brooke on WannabeTVchef.comTo my dear friends and readers of Things Your Mother Never Taught You:

Thank you for your patience over the last couple of days, as many of you know we had a beautiful, healthy and perfect little baby girl last week.   We’re just getting to know each other and settle into our lives together, but expect posting to resume over the next few days.

Thanks again for all the love and support.  My cup truly runneth over.


Brooke Peterson

I want to wish Brooke the best of luck as she embarks on what singer/song writer Steven Curtis Chapman calls, “the Great Adventure.”  Parenthood.  All the best to you and your family.  I can’t wait to see those baby pictures.


For those who haven’t already, be sure to check out my exclusive interview with Chef Brooke.

BH Chef Sasha’s Tahitian Vanilla Cake

Tahitian Vanilla CakeSo the Private Chefs of Beverly Hills is blowing up.  People are eating it up (pun intended).  Gal-pal Sasha Perl-Raver is the leading search item in conjunction with the show and in episode three she unveiled a cake that is all the buzz.  Sasha recently published the recipe for her much talked about Tahitian Vanilla Cake.

After having suffered hundreds of hours of boring Food Network Cake Challenges I have finally seen a cake that I would actually like to try.  Why does this cake sound better to me than those lame Disney cakes or even the masterpieces churned out by the talented gang at Charmed City Cakes?  No F’ing fondant!  Sure it makes the cake prettier but fondant is devoid of flavor and has an uncomfortable texture.  It’s like eating glue and the last time I checked we are not supposed to eat glue.  Anyway, here is Sasha’s recipe for Tahitian Vanilla Cake.

Bake Me  A Wish, gourmet birthday cakes, cake delivery

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills – the Drinking Game

So those of you caught up in the over the top shenanigans of Private Chefs of Beverly Hills are only getting half of the thrill.  Apparently Chef Manoushka has spiced things up by turning the show into a drinking game.

Each week the sassy saucier provides a list of shot game rules based on elements of the upcoming episode.  According to Manoushcka take a shot EVERY TIME:

  • Client walks into the kitchen, Stuart says “really”
  • I pause myself in order not to “go all Black girl”
  • She calls Stuart’s food “stew”
  • You see any of Stuart’s Tupperware stuff
  • See any of my pink crap
  • You feel like yelling at the TV
  • If our client turns you …on
  • Whenever I say “Mollywop”

Be sure to check Manouschka’s Facebook Page each week for the new rules.  “CHEERS!”

shot game rules

Review: Private Chefs of Beverly Hills

So after months of hype and buzz Food Network finally rolled out it’s newest reality show (“non-scripted” in LA-ese) Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.  I’ve chatted with some of the cast members (even did a few interviews) and I think after watching the first episode I’m ready to render some thoughts.

The chefs were paired off on three different catering events: Jesse and Manouschka  did a dinner for 40-odd dog lovers AND THEIR DOGS.  Just before the party was to start the hostess hands them a menu that was different than the one she had contracted.  After a brief meltdown, Manouschka and Jesse rally to provide all of the guests and their pet humans a fantastic dining experience.

Chef Stuart (no relation) and Chef Brooke catered a Botox party thrown by another hostess who changes the menu just before party time.  For no apparent reason she 86’s the first three courses, a soup shooter sampler and she wants each remaining dish given a “spa name.”  Brooke and Stuart handle the changes with style.  At one point the hostess (who is quite thick) suggests that Chef Brooke could use some Botox.  Then the dim-witted hostess informs them that one of the party guests got Botox in her lips and can’t chew and so she needs something that can be sipped or slurped.  To which Brooke asks, like soup?

Brian and Sasha went glamping.  Apparently glamping is roughing it without giving up the creature comforts – glamorous camping.  One of the glampers, Mark, a successful chef and restaurateur was in their hip pocket the entire time.  He just couldn’t leave them alone with questions and pointers and elevendymillion mentions that he’s a chef, too.  For a kitchen Sasha and Brian have a water spicket and a camp fire; that is if they can get the fire lit, which of course they do.

Again a last minute menu alteration.  Actually an augmentation, the glampers have caught two trout and want them added to the menu.  No problem.  In the end all of the glampers were thrilled with the meal.  Especially Mark, who as it turns out is just a very passionate foodie.

NOTE:  just because you see people making last minute menu changes and the chefs making it happen on the show does not mean it is acceptable.  In fact, many caterers will (and should) charge an extreme amount of money for last minute changes like these.  You must remember that for these clients, money is no object.

As for the circumstances, these are the real issues that confront all of us who have made preparing food our lives.  I have had more than my share of last minute changes and ridiculous requests.  I too have had a meltdown because a customer has asked for something goofy that is outside the agreed upon service.

The catch is if you refuse to do it your reputation takes a hit.  They won’t tell their friends about the 5000 things you were contracted to do that were done perfectly they’ll only mention the one thing you refused to do.  So here’s how the balance is struck – yes we can do that and here’s how much extra it will cost you.  Being a narcissist ain’t cheap.  America at its best.

I believe this show is bound for good things.  Unlike Food Network’s first shot at a reality show based on the Tinsel Town catering industry, the deplorable 2 Dudes Catering, PCO90120 follows the same formula that has made Ace of Cakes a hit.  They don’t try to force the action, no more contrived drama and clever schtick.  Just find an interesting scenario and let the cameras catch the action.

Prior to the premiere many were predicting Chef Brooke to be the break out star of the show.  I do not concur, I think the person that gets the most fan mail will not be any of the chefs but rather the general manager of Big City Chefs, Samantha Martz.  The BCC web site describes her as an, “overachieving twenty-something prodigy with a sweet and sassy personality.”  She’s got a serious Mary Alice-thing going on plus she’s cute as a bug.  As far as the chefs go, they are all talented professionals and I wouldn’t mind sharing a kitchen with any of them.  In fact I’ll give them the best compliment I can think of – I’d let them barrow my knife.

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