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Chefs Get Second Chance at the Ultimate Culinary Title
Premiering Sunday, November 4th at 9pm ET/PT

Next Iron Chef RedemptionNEW YORK – August 7, 2012 – Food Network reveals the cast for returning primetime competition series The Next Iron Chef: Redemption with a roster of elite competitors, most returning for a second chance at the ultimate culinary title. The fifth season is all about redemption, with many cast members taking another shot to prove their skills are Iron Chef-worthy, along with some newcomers who have their own redemption stories. The cast includes: Nate Appleman, Amanda Freitag, Eric Greenspan, and Jehangir Mehta from The Next Iron Chef: Season Two; Elizabeth Faulkner, Alex Guarnaschelli and Spike Mendelsohn from the cast of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs; and first-time Next Iron Chef competitors Tim Love and Marcel Vigneron. Premiering on Sunday, November 4th at 9pm ET/PT, Alton Brown will again host this 8-episode, top-rated series, which recently completed production in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The tenth slot will go to the winner of a web-exclusive competition taking place on FoodNetwork.com, the four chefs taking part in the web battle are: Duske Estes and Robert Trevino, who have previously competed on The Next Iron Chef, and newcomers Lee Anne Wong and Madison Cowan.

In The Next Iron Chef, the contestants bet on their culinary skills and put their reputations on the line for the chance to compete in legendary Kitchen Stadium. The winner will join the ranks of chefs including Bobby Flay, Marc Forgione, Jose Garces, Masaharu Morimoto, Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian as a member of the Chairman’s team on Iron Chef America.

I’ve got a hunch we’ll be seeing something of this nature for Food Network Star next year as well.  Thus far there has been no casting call for season nine and I’ve heard a few comments from former cast members.  However, no one has been willing to go on record about it.

Next Iron Chef Finale: Falkner vs. Zakarian

NIC4Banner Recap: Next Iron Chef 4, EP 7

TV’s ultimate cooking competition,  The Next Iron Chef, culminates with a tête à tête between Elizabeth Elizabeth Falkner Geoffrey ZakarianFalkner and Geoffrey Zakarian.

Once known for all things dessert, All-Star Chef Elizabeth Falkner is now widely acknowledged to span both savory and pastry at her restaurants Citizen Cake and Orson.

A well-known chef for over 25 years, Geoffrey Zakarian now has two restaurants in NYC, The National and The Lambs Club. He’s also on the judging panel for Chopped and 24 Hour Restaurant Battle.

The theme ingredient for this winner-take-all showdown was Holiday Meal (rib roast, cider, winter squash, et al).  The judges were Simon Majumdar, Judy Joo, Iron Chefs Michael Symon, Bobby Flay and Masaharu Morimoto.

Each chef was asked to prepare three dishes.  the the Chairman calls them over to ask for a fourth dish using cranberries.  To help out he allows them to share and extra sous chef from their former competitors – 15 minutes with each side.  They decide on Alex.

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A few minutes later the Chairmen requests a fifth dish – ice cream.  Then a few minutes later he presents them with martini glasses – a sixth dish?  A cocktail?  The only rule is there has to be something to fill the glasses.

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Check below for the outcome:

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Congratulations to Chef Geoffrey Zakarian on becoming the Next Iron Chef.

Next Iron Chef Finale: Thoughts and Predictions

NIC4Banner Recap: Next Iron Chef 4, EP 7

Elizabeth FalknerGeoffrey Zakarian
Since the beginning of Next Iron Chef 4: Super Chefs the Online has been buzzing with innuendo, controversy and conspiracy theories.  I have seen the boards on some sites where the ladies are lauding Chef Falkner’s success but they all seem to include some version of this sentence, “You know if she wins they are going to say that it’s because they needed a woman Iron Chef.”

Only a fool would think that does not play a part.  Like it or not a show like Iron Chef is still a business that makes it’s money by attracting ad revenue.  Other companies choose to advertise on a specific show because of demographics.  The fact that Elizabeth Falkner is a female helps those demographics.  So does the fact that she is gay.  That’s the real world.

I have also seen a lot of chatter that Geoffrey Zakarian will win because he is a New Yorker, essentially an insider.  That has merit as well.  Logistics are huge.  Looked at Chopped.  It is an insanely popular series yet the contestants come almost exclusively from the tri-state area.  That’s because airline tickets and hotels cost a lot more money than a cab ride.

Food Network is a very successful cable channel but they do not have the unlimited funds of major networks like NBC who’s parent company GE is one of the largest corporations on the planet and because of their allegiance to the White House don’t have to pay any federal taxes.  For Food Network, flying Chef Falkner from the West Coast to the East Coast a dozen or so times a year to tape ICA is expensive.  Geoffrey can take a cab.

I see these issues as a wash.  What’s more important is that either Falkner or Zakarian, as well as the eight chefs they defeated, would make an amazing Iron Chef.  To be brutally honest for a second, that has not been the case in past seasons.  Each of the first three casts contained ratings fodder – contestants who didn’t stand a chance – so that the first elimination or two would be painless.  This cast was so good that you could have chosen the winner out of a hat and still gotten a great Iron Chef out of it.

Now as far as my prediction.

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For weeks I have felt that Falkner was on a course with destiny.  Set aside the fact that she best fills FN’s demographic needs, there is also the back story of a pastry chef wanting to prove she can hang with the savory crowd.  Like Marc Forgione (last year’s winner) she was the least known competitor.  Just like Forgione she has an affiliation with a famous chef.  Marc is the son of the godfather of American cuisine Larry Forgione and Elizabeth is Cat Cora’s former sous chef.

But in the last 24 or so hours I’ve started to second guess myself.  The reason?  Social media.

During the Food Network Star competition all of the contestants were very active on Twitter and Facebook.  That is except for two, Vic Moea and Susie Jimenez.  As it turns out they lost out to Jeff Mauro in the finale.  Mauro, for his part, was quite active on Facebook and Twitter.

Most of the NIC contestants have been live Tweeting the show this year.  Samuelsson, Guarnaschelli, Irvine, Chiarello, Burrell and Zakarian especially have been very active on Twitter.  Curiously absent from the party is Chef Falkner.

So that’s it.  That’s what I am basing my prediction on, Elizabeth Falkner doesn’t Tweet a lot.  Sure it sounds flimsy but is it worse than any other theory?  Regardless, I say Zakarian is the Next Iron Chef.

Recap: Next Iron Chef 4, EP 7

NIC4Banner Recap: Next Iron Chef 4, EP 6

TV’s ultimate cooking competition may be Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef.  This cast is sick!  Easily the best line-up since NIC 1 which included John Besh, Aaron Sanchez, Chris Cosentino and eventual winner Michael Symon to name a few.

Well, there goes my pre-season prediction of an Anne Burrell victory.  Although Anne did well in this contest she certainly did not dominate they way that I and lost of others thought she might.  In hindsight perhaps we all set our expectations for Anne too high.  After all anyone of of the ten chefs in this year’s competition would make a great Iron Chef.

I have seen where judges Judy Joo, Simon Majumdar and Michael Symon have each had to deal with some rough treatment via social media.  Mike had to suspend some of his weekly Facebook activities because of nut jobs irate that their favorite chef had somehow been wronged by the judging.  Let me take this opportunity to say IT’S JUST A FREAKING TV SHOW!  The troubles of the world will not be solved by determining who makes the best omelet.

Battle: Passion

Alex Guarnaschelli Next Iron ChefChairman’s challenge:  “Hampton’s Beach Cookout” (Secret Ingredient: Seafood) The penultimate challenge takes place in the Hamptons, where the four remaining chefs cater a beach cookout. The chefs were asked to create a love story using seafood in their courses. After a double elimination, the two surviving chefs go onto the Finale.

Sudden Death challenge: Pits the bottom two finishers each week in a “loser leave town” match. Secret ingredient: Crackers and Wine – three bites.

Anne Burrell – Eliminated in week 6.

Michael Chiarello – Bottega Restaurant (Napa Valley), Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello (Cooking Channel)

  • Chairman’s challenge: Lobster – Passion Through the Ages – Scallop with Carrot Caponata, Tuna Crudo Arrabiata and Smoked Fluke with Gribiche.  Judges loved the presentation and liked most of the food.  Top 2 finish.
  • Sudden Death: Chicken Liver Mouse with Cabernet Mustard, Escovitch of Sardine with Panzanella and Goat Cheese with Cabernet Caviar.  Mixed reviews on first course.  #2 and #3 went over well.

Elizabeth Falkner – Citizen Cake, Orson (San Francisco), Iron Chef America – challenger (Food Network)

  • Chairman’s challenge: Elizabeth by virtue of her win last week got a 15 minute head start at the fish monger.  She decided to make Vichyssoise Chowder, Smoked Scallop and Sweet Corn Puree and finally Lobster Cioppino.  Judges gave mixed reviews on each course.  A bottom 2 finish.
  • Sudden Death:  Shrimp & Grits, Chicken Liver Mouse with Red Wine Shallot and Curry Spiced Lamb Meatball with Raiata.  All three of her dishes seemed to go over well.

Alex Guarnaschelli – Butter, The Darby (New York), Alex’s Day Off, Chopped (Food Network)

  • Chairman’s challenge:  Raw Fluke with Tomato Jam and a Muddled Strawberry Cocktail, Clam Chowder and Lobster with Poached Egg and Hollandaise.  They loved the first course.  The second course had mixed reviews, the same for the third.  Judges were contentious about choosing a loser between Alex and Elizabeth.  Alex lost.

Chuck Hughes – Eliminated in week 3.

Robert Irvine – Eliminated in week 2.

Beau MacMillan – Eliminated in week 4.

Spike Mendelsohn – Eliminated in week 1.

Marcus Samuelsson –Eliminated in week 5.

Geoffrey Zakarian – The National, The Lambs Club (New York), 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, Chopped (Food Network)

  • Chairman’s challenge:  Seabass Salad and Celery Roll Up, Black Fish Minute Steak and Lemon Tapanade and Roast Scallop Sausage Sandwich with Cherry Clam Risotto.  They loved the flavor but Simon questioned the presentation.  He won the challenge.

Quote of the night – “It’s all homicide.”  Alex Guarnaschelli

Have you missed an episode of NIC because you were tracking escaped convicts from the Phantom Zone?  No problem, you can get caught up HERE.  Be sure to check out my exclusive interviews with NIC contestant Alex Guarnaschelli (HERE) and NIC judge Michael Symon (HERE).  Also check out my interview with last year’s winner Marc Forgione (HERE).

The two chefs vying to be the Next Iron Chef are . . .

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Geoffrey Zakarian and Elizabeth Falkner

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