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Review: Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel

I finally got a little more quality time with the Cooking Channel so I am attempting to review several of the shows I have not seen.  This time around Extra Virgin.

From Cooking Channel’s web site:

Actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, invite you into their home as they share their tremendous passion for Tuscan food and for each other. She’s a modern girl from the streets of Queens and he’s a food purist from the hills of Tuscany. It’s Lucy and Ricky in the kitchen as the two food lovers share ideas, haggle, and finally compromise to create the perfect Tuscan American blend all the while providing important lessons that you just won’t find in your average cookbook. Prepare for total immersion into their passionate, spirited life as they show you how on a daily basis anyone in any kitchen can blend the simple traditions of Tuscany with modern life in America.

I have been wanting to catch Extra Virgin because I have always found Debi Mazar strangely exotic.  There’s just something about the raven colored hair and sapphire eyes mixed with that Jersey Girl moxie that I think is sexy.  For his part, Gabriele Corcos comes across as a rock solid foodie.  He’s a proponent of local, sustainable food just like everyone else in Tuscany and knows how to communicate his passion to an American audience.  The show is shot at a fourteenth-century house outside of Florence that was given to them as a wedding present by Corcos’ parents.

But . . .

Though the food elements of the show are terrific it is only part food show.  It is also part reality show – a Kardashian-like celebrity-at-home show and the first Debbie Mazar on Extra Virginshow like that was one show too many. Needless to say I can live without those moments.  But don’t get me wrong, it’s no “Jersey Shore.”

Mazar is eye candy for this show, the hook.  Though she does cook well enough she certainly doesn’t blow anyone away with her skills.  She does dress great though – hot pants and calf-high boots to make a salad, a skimpy black cocktail dress with plunging neckline to make a cake.  She’s always fun to look at.

Gabriele on the other hand has the makings of a true star TV chef.  He is good looking as Mazar constantly reminds the audience which kind of makes me jealous.  Who can blame her for bragging?  After all prior to marrying Corcos she dated actor Paul Rubbin who you may know better as Pee Wee Herman.  Seriously.  And as mentioned above, Gabrilele comes across smooth.  As with most Italians he was born knowing more about cooking than most of us will ever learn.  I would love to see a show that just concentrated on his clean flavors and cooking technique.

Luckily the reality elements do not distract too much.  They are careful not to have any of the trashy elements common to reality TV.  Indeed they are actually tolerable, at least as long as Mazar still dresses like a Hollywood starlet anyway. Prrrr.

e okul veli bilgilendirme sistemi

e-okul veli bilgilendirme sistemi

e okul veli bilgilendirme sistemiThat doesn’t make a lick of since does it?  Like it’s some made up language or something.  Well, a year ago or so I started getting a lot of traffic to the site searching for that very phrase or any one of a half dozen variations.  Damned if I knew what it meant.

Daha burada bu siteyi t?klay?n hakk?nda daha fazla.

I hopped over to BabelFish and tried to translate e okul veli bilgilendirme sistemi.  I thought with all of those vowels at the end of the words it’s got to be a romance language so I went for Italian.  It wasn’t Italian.  It wasn’t Spanish, French or Portuguese either.  On a whim I tried both Russian and German to no avail.  Eventually, it could have been minutes or months, I stumbled over a page that translated it for me from Turkish.

Bakar m?s?n?z?

AllWebCo Web Hosting ServicesKalite siber varl??? ihtiyac?n?z var?

Apparently it means e-school parent information system.  I know, that’s not a helluva lot of help is it?  But to the people of Turkey it means something.  My guess is that one of my 600+ posts had one paragraph that had all of those words in it.  And then somewhere down the line it got translated into Turkish.

Well, to my Turkish guests I’d like to say benim g?da sitesi Türk halk?na ho? geldiniz. Google Reklamlar? t?klay?n?zBenim yemek kitaplar? sat?n al?n.  Ben Joe Biden, Lindsay Lohan ve Kardashian için özür dilerim ama ben Justin Bieber için suçu reddediyorum. O Kanada’n?n hatam.  Auburn Tigers bir numara var!  Thanks to Google Translator for the assist.

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