Review: Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition

The fall cookbook rush continues.  The newest entry is also one of the oldest.  The most recent incarnation of the Betty Crocker Cookbook has just been released and it appears to live up to and even surpass its ten predecessors.

With more than 65 million copies sold since its first edition was published in 1950, the Betty Crocker Cookbook  (available at amazon) has long been America’s most-trusted kitchen companion for reliable information and delicious recipes. Now, Betty is back and better than ever with the most complete revision yet of the classic Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition“Big Red” cookbook, that brings her into the 21st century. It’s exciting that for the first time ever, readers will have exclusive access to an online cookbook destination with 85 videos and 400 bonus recipes designed to enhance their use of the cookbook. Icons throughout the book indicate when to go online to watch a video of a recipe or technique or find additional recipes for each chapter.

The memory of my mother cooking from an old tattered copy of the Betty Crocker Cookbook held together by a rubber band is one I share with most Americans.  I have long thought it the perfect “first cookbook” for graduates, newlyweds or the trophy wife who didn’t quite grasp the complexities of that pre-nup.  That’s because it contains a full range of recipes from various cuisines and more importantly varying degrees of difficulty.

The new 11th edition is available in print and as an e-book, features a completely new design, with 1,100 all-new color photographs—three times the number found in the previous edition—that bring the recipes to life. With 1,500 recipes, home cooks will find trusted classics as well as hundreds of new dishes that reflect today’s desire to eat healthier, enjoy new flavors and get dinner on the table fast.

BETTY CROCKER COOKBOOK, 11TH EDITION includes new features that make this edition the most significant update in 60 years:

  • New chapters — “Do It Yourself,” “Entertaining” and “Breakfast & Brunch” – covering popular topics like canning, pickling, cocktails and party foods.
  • An “Heirloom Recipe & New Twist” feature pairing over 20 beloved classics with fresh spins, such as traditional Chicken Pot Pie made with homemade crust and Individual Chicken Pot Pies using puff pastry tops.
  • A “Learn to Make” feature with easy-to-follow guidance – including step-by-step photos, and online video demos for each – for preparing essential dishes such as Roast Turkey, Macaroni and Cheese, Apple Pie and New York Cheesecake! Betty’s “Keys to Success” tips will help home cooks get the dish right every time!
  • Gorgeously photographed reference pages identifying more than 655 foods (from vegetables and fruits to grains, soy products, and cuts of meat) and essential equipment items.
  • All-new mini recipes that provide quick and super-easy meal ideas in short paragraph form.
  • An accompanying e-book, optimized for all e-reader devices, that includes fully hyperlinked content for easy navigation; all the photography presented in beautiful full-color; and bonus indexes that allow readers to browse recipes that are fast and lower calorie and easily access the book’s many reference charts and features.

Todd English Calls Off Wedding to Erica Wang

Boston’s foremost celebrity chef is still a bachelor. Todd English, of Olives and Bonfire fame, was supposed to marry Erica Wang, his girlfriend of almost two years, at the St. Regis in New York on Saturday night, but the pair canceled the wedding at the last minute.

English’s reps say the decision was mutual and that the couple’s family and friends were notified of the split a few days in advance, but some guests tell us they were already en route to New York City when they heard the wedding was off. Insiders tell us the news wasn’t a shock. Apparently, English and Wang’s relationship was a turbulent one.

According to the New York Post, Wang gathered her family and friends on Saturday night for a condolence party, making use of the food and drink that had already been purchased for the ill-fated affair. She wore all black, but kept the crowd dancing. English’s reps would only make one official comment yesterday: “No wedding took place this weekend. We appreciate your respect of Todd English’s privacy at this time.” Those reps didn’t shed light on why English and Wang’s registry on the Tiffany’s website lists their wedding date as June 1, 2009. Perhaps this isn’t the first time the party was canceled? (For the record, the couple had registered for some clocks, frames, and $475 salt and pepper shakers.)

It seems the weekend wasn’t ruined for English’s friends, who wound up in New York City with nothing to do. John Henry’s wife Linda Pizzuti Henry and Boston nightclub owner Ed Kane, who are pals of English, said on Twitter that they were spending Saturday night at NBC watching Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga on “Saturday Night Live.” Not a bad Plan B, right?

UPDATE: Erica Wang was ultimately charged with with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon after she allegedly attacked Chef English prior to the wedding.  The attack prompted him to call off the relationship.  Purportedly English tried to keep the matter quiet but Wang chose to play out the dispute in the media.  Wang’s publicity-mongering only lends credence to the psycho-bride opinion that swarms this whole affair.  Neither does the fact that Wang through a $150,000 bash at the St. Regis and danced the night away at what was supposed to be the couple’s reception.

with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon

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